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Thank you Tony for your art! You are appreciated.

James Larson Oregon, Stati Uniti | 6 ago 2019

Merci beaucoup ! J'adore vos couleurs !

Caroline Colomina Francia | 8 lug 2019

Proud to be the 100th review my friend! Your new website looks great. You have been very busy. Well done.

James Larson Oregon, Stati Uniti | 15 mag 2019

Hello Tony! I am going to place an invitation on my news page, for everyone to discover you that has not met your art already. I appreciate your art and we started almost the same day. This has been a fun journey. And here we are! What could be more enjoyable? I wish you even more success.

James Larson Oregon, Stati Uniti | 14 mag 2019

Looking good, had to take them all!

James Larson Oregon, Stati Uniti | 30 apr 2019

The fastest click in the west has just clicked you to dust! Ka-ching! (sound of cowboy spurs spinning)

James Larson Oregon, Stati Uniti | 22 apr 2019

Sniff sniff, where's Tony! ha ha! You have been so busy I must click you all over so you wil stop painting? Good job. :)

James Larson Oregon, Stati Uniti | 17 apr 2019

Merci d'avoir choisi "Totem magique" dans votre collection qui est sublime.

miguel cadiergues Francia | 15 mar 2019

Merci Keep d'avoir visité ma galerie et d'avoir ajouté " Evasion" et "Femme aux yeux de braise" à vos collections.

Elisa Galam Francia | 14 mar 2019

Wow.... Bin schwer begeistert! Einige Bilder sind echt mystisch Freue mich schon wenn neue Bilder dazu kommen. Hast echt talent? LG Alex

Alex | 29 gen 2019

Merci de votre commentaire. L'ensemble de votre travail : une oeuvre aboutie aux somptueuses couleurs ! Félicitations !

REV Francia | 18 gen 2019

Merci d'avoir mir mon œuvre "la femme invisible" dans votre très belle galerie.

miguel cadiergues Francia | 28 dic 2018

Merci Keep d'avoir mis " Élisa et Rouge-Noir " dans votre collection. Félicitation pour votre travail. Amicalement Fèby

fèby Francia | 13 dic 2018

Gallery full of positive energy, joyful, bright colors, which evidently emanate from the Creator these works and manifest themselves in the form of extraordinary paintings. Bravo !

Beiza Wieland Marbella, Spagna | 10 dic 2018

L'ensemble de votre travail est empli de souffle, d'espace, de poésie...Félicitations !

REV Francia | 9 dic 2018
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